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Dos and Dont's when hiking

Trails occasionally lead over pastures. When entering pastures, it is therefore imperative that the animals - cattle, sheep, or herd protection dogs - and their behavior be observed. If one observes a few basic rules as a hiker, then possible encounters between humans and animals should be peaceful.

Behavior in suckler cows

  • Keep a distance from cattle
  • Do not touch calves
  • Lead dogs on a leash



Behavior in herd protection dogs

  • Behave quietly
  • Do not scare animals and herd protection dogs
  • Pass slowly
  • Bikers dismount and push bike
  • In case of doubt avoid or turn back
  • When traveling in regions with protected herds, it is strongly recommended that you do not bring accompanying dogs.
  • When shepherd dogs bark, run in your direction and block your way, stay calm and give the dogs time to assess the situation. Keep your distance from the herd.



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