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Glorious views are guaranteed when cycling the Albula Pass, including of the rough, weathered Albula Gorge. A particularly impressive section of the route is the Bergünerstein below Bergün, a road that was worked out of the rock by explosions in 1695.

Swiss roads head through breathtaking mountain landscapes and over mythical Alpine passes. The Ride the Alps series of events is a cut above the usual cycling experience: on certain dates, the roads leading over mountain passes are reserved exclusively for cyclists. Have a good ride!

The Albula Pass makes it onto the list of favourite Alpine passes for many cyclists. Glorious views are guaranteed on this ride, including of the rough, weathered Albula Gorge. The Bergünerstein was blasted from the rock in 1695 and appears as if stuck on, making this a particularly impressive part of the route below Bergün.

Pass: Albula Pass
Highest point: 2,312m
Start: La Punt/Filisur
Destination: La Punt/Filisur
Distance: 30km, of which closed to traffic: 30km
Altitude gain from La Punt: 622m, of which closed to traffic: 622m
Altitude gain from Filisur: 1,290m, of which closed to traffic: 1,290m
Average incline from La Punt: 6.9%
Average incline from Filisur: 5.6%

slowUp Mountain Albula


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