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Season opening 19 December 2020
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Romansh language

Find out the role of the Romansh language in the Bergün Filisur region.


German is the main language spoken in Bergün/Bravuogn and Filisur. A Romansh language community flourished in Filisur right up until the 20th century. In Bergün/Bravuogn the Romansh language is spoken and nurtured by a minority of speakers. The dialect spoken at the linguistic divide between the idioms of Puter (Upper Engadin) and Surmiran (Oberhalbstein) is called Bargunseñer.

With the help of many past (native) residents of Bergün a great deal is done to keep the language alive. For more than sixty years the magazine Pro Bravuogn has been published six times a year in three languages (Bargunseñer, Puter and German), reporting on cultural, political and economic life in the village. The magazine is available at the Bergün Filisur Tourist Office.

Since 2014 the use of Bargunseñer as a language has been actively supported through the internet platform Bargunseñer interactiv ( It means that Romansh speakers have the opportunity to perfect their language skills, and anyone keen to learn the language and/or find out more about the culture is able to get an insight into the particularities of the Bergün dialect. The website is regularly expanded and complemented.

In schools, Romansh is taught as a second language in two weekly lessons starting in 1st grade. For pupils at lower secondary level Romansh is an elective subject.

Bargunseñer interaktiv
Bergün Romansh dictionary

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